When your customers need to return an item to your reverse logistics team, you want to make the process as easy and fast as possible.

This is where a Smart Label can be your company’s very best friend, especially if you’re handling a lot of returns every day. Smart Labels simplify returns by taking much of the human element out of the transaction, instead relying on automation to do the tedious transcribing and account matching necessary to process a credit.

How Smart Labels Work

From the moment your customer prints a Smart Label from your site on their home printer or activates the one you included with their order, it goes to work.

As the carrier of your choice scans the barcode, your system is automatically notified that a return is incoming. Not only do you get an early alert, but the package is linked to the order before it ever arrives at your reverse logistics facility. Your team will then get regular updates about the package’s progress so they know exactly when to expect it.

In the returns warehouse, the barcode is scanned again to bring up the order and the contents are matched to items listed. This makes the Smart Label a powerful tool in the process of rooting out return fraud, as well. Products that match the descriptions on the invoice can be quickly assessed for their ability to be resold; products that aren’t listed can then be flagged as fraud or flagged for manual review to see if they belong to a different order from the same customer.

The Smart Label makes it easy and fast to process returns and subsequent credits and virtually eliminates errors associated with manual returns data entry.

Smart Labels Benefit Customers, Too

Smart Labels are another way to improve your customer satisfaction, even if they’re already pretty happy.

There’s no customer who was ever less pleased because of faster merchandise credits or a more transparent returns processes. When you provide a Smart Label, you also make shoppers’ lives a little easier, since they won’t have to find an appropriate shipper to return their merchandise or call you to beg for an RMA number.

Smart Labels are easy, they’re free to the customer and they give that shopper an eCommerce return experience not dissimilar from those in real life. They’re all about speed, that’s where you can really gain an advantage in the race to blur the lines between online and offline commerce for businesses like yours.