Is It Time To Revisit Your Returns Experience?

According to a recent article in Inbound Logistics, retailers continue to throw money away by neglecting their returns experiences. The example cited was Burberry, the iconic British luxury brand, which destroyed $38 million worth of unsold and returned items in the last year, bringing its five year total loss due to destruction to $400 million. [...]

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Are You Investing Enough In Returns, Returns, Returns?

With consumer confidence and incomes high and unemployment low, the National Retail Federation is predicting one of the biggest holiday shopping seasons in a long time. The organization is looking at total sales of $717.5 to $720.9 billion, a 4.3 to 4.8 percent increase over last year, which itself was a 5.3 percent increase over [...]

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4 Important Approaches To Managing e-Commerce Returns

For e-Commerce retailers, as it turns out, selling the thing is the easy part. Dealing with the nearly one-third of those sales when they come home to roost can be a cumbersome, expensive and time-consuming process. It’s an unfortunate reality that must be faced if an online retailer wants to succeed, however. e-Commerce Returns Management [...]

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eCommerce Logistics Costs Hit Record Highs In U.S.

The first eCommerce retailers opened up shop in the mid-1990s, barely noticed by the retail industry as a whole. In fact, the Census didn’t bother to record their sales until 1999, when eCommerce represented just 0.6 percent of the retail sector. At the end of 2017, eCommerce controlled 9.1 percent of all retail sales, and [...]

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Retail and The Continuing Growth of Omnichannel

Source:   Real life and the virtual one are slowly becoming indistinguishable, especially when it comes to shopping. The digital sea isn’t what it used to be, now there are ferries crossing it constantly to make connections between online-first companies and their brick and mortar shops, as well as joining the traditional brick-and-mortar retailers [...]

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Are People Still Shopping In Physical Stores?

In this eCommerce age, it can be easy to fall into the thought trap that traditional retail is dying a slow death. The fact is that many retailers are still feeling their way into new niches and configurations that will serve them well in the decades to come. Not only is it important for retailers [...]

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Retail, The Supply Chain And Your Evolving eCommerce Operation

If you’ve been a part of the eCommerce world for very long, you’ve seen how quickly the retail supply chain can shift due to customer demands. These days, it’s fine to wait a week for shipping, tomorrow more than four days is just too many. As customer needs and wants evolve, so must your supply [...]

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Reverse Logistics And Your eCommerce Technology

eCommerce is an industry that’s booming, there’s absolutely no doubt. With more than $105 billion in actual sales during the second quarter of 2017, and a whopping 16.3 percent growth year over year during that same quarter, everything in eCommerce is coming up roses. But, just having an eCommerce presence isn’t enough to guarantee [...]

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Reverse Logistics, eCommerce And Your Online Store

Although eCommerce is growing at a rapid rate, with a forecasted sales value of $414 million for 2018, the returns rate of online products is frightful. At least 30 percent of all products ordered online are returned to eCommerce shops, as compared to just 8.89 percent that go back to brick and mortar shops. That’s [...]

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4 Ways Your eCommerce Retail Site Needs A Streamlined Returns Process

Having a streamlined returns process for your eCommerce retail site can benefit you in a number of ways, including improving customer retention and even creating strong customer engagement, which ultimately leads to return sales. A really good returns process backed by an excellent reverse logistics team can make a dramatic difference in your number of [...]