What’s A Serial Returner + Do You Have Any?

Reverse logistics can be a huge expense for retailers, especially those in the eCommerce fashion segment. These merchants regularly see returns rates of around 30 percent, even when they’re doing everything right. It has little to do with the merchant and a lot to do with their customers, namely the “Serial Returner.” What is a [...]

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3 Ways To Wow Your Customers At Every Step Of The Returns Process

Everyone knows that sometimes an end is a new beginning, that a closed door leads to an open window. Sometimes a return is the path to a whole lot of purchases. In fact, after a customer has bought something from you, they’re 27 percent more likely to buy a second time and 54 percent more [...]

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3 Ways Reverse Logistics Is Evolving To Meet Needs Of Customers, Market

Usually, when the word “logistics” comes up, people are talking about the forward, customer-facing side. This part of the supply chain gets a lot of attention for constantly innovating and finding new ways to increase both speed and efficiency. What fewer people, even business owners, pay attention to is reverse logistics, the processes by which [...]

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Reverse Logistics & Your Customer Service

For many companies like yours, the very first item that should be on your “to do” list is adding a dedicated reverse logistics team. Whether that team comes from within your organization or you find extra help from a company that specializes in returns management, the results can spell huge leaps for your customer service. [...]

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