What We Offer

As part of the ShipWizard umbrella, we at Smart Returns are able to offer our clients a customized, comprehensive list of services related to reverse logistics and returns management. In additions to returns, we also offer a full suite of eCommerce fulfillment and 3PL services.

You tell us what you – and your customers – need and we will tailor a Smart Returns program just for you. Smart Returns service options include:

Returns Management

Returns Processing – Reverse Logistics

Customer Service begins with a returns process that works! At Smart Returns, we are all about providing our customers – and their customers – with reverse logistics and returns management services that offer total visibility, affordability and efficiency at every stage of the process.

Return-to-Vendor Management

It’s important to remember that the reverse logistics is not over when your customer’s return has reached our warehouse. Smart Returns will manage the next part of the returns management process, efficiently and affordably getting your returned items back to your headquarters of the final destination of your choice.


Depending on the nature and type of return, it may need to be repackaged prior to shipping back to its final destination for potential resale. Our internal shipping team will ensure that all of your returned items are repackaged in the most efficient and safe manner. You’ll receive them back at your store or warehouse repackaged like new!


When your returned items reach our warehouse, we will carefully and thoroughly inspect each and every one, determining whether they can be resold, whether any defects can be addressed and repaired and/or what the most cost-effective next step in the returns management process will be.

Real-Time Reporting

As a Smart Returns customer, you will have access to a web-based dashboard that allows you and your team to access all of your returns management and reverse logistics information – from item SKUs to volumes to dates, all in real-time.

Label Generation

The easier the returns management process for the customer, the more pleased the customer will be with your company and your overall service level. A key part of reverse logistics is the ability for you and your customers to perform label generation that’s simple and quick.

Project Management

All Smart Returns returns management customers are assigned one single point of contact so that all questions and queries are addressed to and managed by that one person on our reverse logistics team. We serve you completely, so that you can, in turn, serve your customers fully.

Let’s talk more about using Smart Returns to increase the efficiency
and profitability of your returns management and reverse logistics processes.