3 Reasons Why Outsourcing Returns Makes For Better Business

It’s too tempting to want to do everything yourself when you own a growing business. After all, that’s what got you to where you are now. In most business owner’s journeys, they reach a point where they simply can’t do it all anymore and have to reach out for some help. This might be from [...]

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What Walmart’s Zero Waste Approach Means For Your Reverse Logistics

According to a report recently generated by Walmart, the future is nothing but green. The company has set goals to achieve zero waste in facilities located in Canada, Japan, the UK and the United States by 2025. Behind the scenes, the big box giant has already been making mighty strides toward this goal. For example, [...]

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What Is An RMA And Why Does It Matter For Your Reverse Logistics?

No matter what retail sector you’re in, the least fun thing you can do is have to deal with returns. Not only is returns management time-consuming, it’s costly, and without a good reverse logistics team in place, it can literally eat you out of house and home. That’s why some businesses require RMAs prior to [...]

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Retail and The Continuing Growth of Omnichannel

Source: https://www.hawksearch.com/   Real life and the virtual one are slowly becoming indistinguishable, especially when it comes to shopping. The digital sea isn’t what it used to be, now there are ferries crossing it constantly to make connections between online-first companies and their brick and mortar shops, as well as joining the traditional brick-and-mortar retailers [...]

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3 Tips For Choosing The Best Returns Management Software

Running your own reverse logistics team can require a significant effort to get things just right. The team has to be trained to pay attention to detail, but to do so quickly, the equipment and tools have to be optimized to allow as many returns as possible to move through that department each day, as [...]

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What Is National Returns Day?

As retailers start to work on their plans for Black Friday 2017, an even more overwhelming deadline looms. In fact, it’s almost the direct result of the intense competition eCommerce business owners have drummed up over cheap deals for holiday gifts and an increasing reliance on online shopping during the winter. That big day is [...]

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