3 Ways Returns Represent Opportunities, Not Lost Revenue

For many eCommerce companies, the sheer volume of returns is overwhelming. This isn’t because they did anything wrong, necessarily, it’s just kind of the nature of the beast when items like clothing are being purchased without a chance to see them in person. Even if you’re not selling the latest Chucks and designer jeans (clothing has [...]

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What Happens To My Customers’ Returns After The Return?

f you run an eCommerce business, chances are good that you’ve already had a fair amount of experience handling returns. As your company scales, you will find that you can’t juggle it all, especially those multiplying returns that you also can’t afford to ignore. But what happens to your returns when you use a returns management [...]

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Keeping Costs Down In The Era Of Free Returns

Modern eCommerce retailers are increasingly being stress-tested. With customers demanding more free stuff, from free shipping to free returns, and wanting a more transparent shopping experience, the time is coming when wide swaths of the eCommerce industry may crack and fall down. Because those online retailers that can follow a certain giant Internet retailer’s every [...]

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3 Tips For Increasing Reverse Supply Chain Visibility

When your returns can drop in from almost anywhere and do so unexpectedly, reverse logistics can turn into a stressful situation quickly. Your people want to do better, as do you, but all the different shaped and sized packages and inconsistently labeled products make for slow going in your returns management department. There has to [...]

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3 Insights Into Your Supply Chain’s Last Mile

Everybody knows that your supply chain’s Last Mile can be seriously expensive, but besides that, have you ever really given it much thought? As it turns out, Illinois Institute of Technology professor Gurram Gopal and software engineer Alvaro de Miguel put their heads together to make sense out of those dollars, and where you’re best [...]

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All In Real-Time: The Modern Supply Chain

Today’s supply chain is completely different than it was just 10 or 15 years ago. In this short amount of time, paper record-keeping has morphed into fully digital, up to the minute, automated series of data point recordings. The eCommerce supply chain is changing fast, in real-time. A Few Tricks of the Modern Supply Chain [...]

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The Connection Between Customers’ Behavior And Your Packaging

The nutritional label changes that manufacturers are required to make by July 26, 2018, have given many companies a chance to rethink how they’re dealing with their labels beyond packaged foods. If you sell anything that requires informational labeling, it may be high time to consider something a little bit different: How about a SmartLabel™? [...]

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3 Reasons Customer Returns Continue To Increase

Online shopping is like a freight train that can’t be stopped. For the last several years, it has showed consistent year-over-year growth in the double-digit percentages. The 2017 holiday season alone grossed over $119 billion, a 16.9 percent year-over-year increase, according to US Census data. Unfortunately, what goes up must also come down, and what’s [...]

3 Key Trends In Smart Labels, Smart Tags

Technology helps every business do better, usually accessorizing them with a flashy case and blinking lights to boot. When it comes to smart labels and smart tags, though, looks can be deceiving. These tiny, unassuming devices are growing in popularity among supply chains across the globe, but they’re not without issues. As smart tags become [...]

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Technology and Your Returns Management Process

Even though 81 percent of supply chain execs now consider big data analytics to be an important technology, even more important than digital supply chains and advancements in the Internet of Things, 89 percent of supply chain organizations are still relying on legacy systems that are reducing or preventing the use of big data, according [...]

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