What is Smart Returns?

A leader in Returns Management and Reverse Logistics, Smart Returns is part of the ShipWizard  family. ShipWizard is a highly-regarded and well-established fulfillment services provider, 3PL and mail services company working with clients from all over the world as an eCommerce fulfillment and order fulfillment partner.

Reverse Logistics

A leader in returns management and reverse logistics services, Smart Returns was created as a natural extension of our existing fulfillment services and 3PL business. Our customers – and their customers – needed a simple, intuitive system for returns and for managing the returns process overall. We listened, and Smart Returns was born. We know that no-nonsense returns management contributes to your overall customer service, helping to build customer loyalty and increase customer satisfaction…from start to finish.

Smart Returns is wholly dedicated to making the returns management process as streamlined, accessible, visible and affordable as possible for both you and your customers.


Smart Returns is backed by 40+ years
of service and dedication.

Part of a group of businesses that have been family-owned and -operated since all the way back in 1974, our ShipWizard Team is all about the success of you and your team.

Headquartered near Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and with physical operations in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Washington State, we serve fulfillment services and 3PL clients throughout the United States, Europe and globally.

Reverse Logistics