3 Reasons Why Outsourcing Returns Makes For Better Business

It’s too tempting to want to do everything yourself when you own a growing business. After all, that’s what got you to where you are now. In most business owner’s journeys, they reach a point where they simply can’t do it all anymore and have to reach out for some help. This might be from [...]

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3 Ways Returns Represent Opportunities, Not Lost Revenue

For many eCommerce companies, the sheer volume of returns is overwhelming. This isn’t because they did anything wrong, necessarily, it’s just kind of the nature of the beast when items like clothing are being purchased without a chance to see them in person. Even if you’re not selling the latest Chucks and designer jeans (clothing has [...]

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What Happens To My Customers’ Returns After The Return?

f you run an eCommerce business, chances are good that you’ve already had a fair amount of experience handling returns. As your company scales, you will find that you can’t juggle it all, especially those multiplying returns that you also can’t afford to ignore. But what happens to your returns when you use a returns management [...]

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Keeping Costs Down In The Era Of Free Returns

Modern eCommerce retailers are increasingly being stress-tested. With customers demanding more free stuff, from free shipping to free returns, and wanting a more transparent shopping experience, the time is coming when wide swaths of the eCommerce industry may crack and fall down. Because those online retailers that can follow a certain giant Internet retailer’s every [...]

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3 Trends Pushing The Rise Of Free Return Policies

The way customers find products has been evolving rapidly over the last decade. So, too, have the ways that those shoppers have to return items that aren’t what they expected to get for their dollar. Where once the price of returning a product through the mail was an acceptable risk, now customers are asking for [...]

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3 Ways To Make Return Management Services Work For You, Your Customers

Sending orders out the door faster and faster has been the challenge for eCommerce companies for years, but now those same businesses are dealing with another issue: mounds of returns. This isn’t always because the products are defective or the wrong item was sent, in many cases returns happen because of shoppers who order several [...]

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No Matter What The Holiday, Here Are 3 Approaches For Navigating Holiday Returns

In the world of eCommerce, holiday sales seasons come and go, and then for some they come and go a few more times as the year marches on. Holiday sales tend to create a surge of product sales, followed by a tsunami of returns from gift recipients who would have preferred that shirt in orange [...]

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Why Renting May Be The Future Of Apparel eCommerce

eCommerce as a whole is a healthy and growing sector, but the apparel niche continues to struggle with issues like high return rates. Bricks and clicks clothing shops have equally troublesome challenges, causing many to close store after store in hopes of regaining profitability. Those retailers that maintain a presence in the eCommerce space are [...]

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How To Approach Reverse Logistics Like WalMart

In the last couple of years, WalMart has really stepped up its fulfillment game in its efforts to catch up to Amazon.com. WalMart.com got a total redo, from the ground up, then came the two-day shipping (which is now free without a membership fee) and now, an expansion of that free shipping into its third-party [...]

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3 Ways That Good Returns Pay You Right Back

No one really wants to have to deal with returns, but the reality is that if you’re selling something, some people won’t get it quite right on the first try. For online retailers, as much as 30 percent of your sales may ultimately come back. There’s no single solution to help slow the bleed, but [...]

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