Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we get related to Smart Returns’ reverse logistics and returns management services. Do you have a question not addressed here? Let us know so we can answer it right away!

You can take advantage of Smart Returns on its own as a standalone service, or in conjunction with customized fulfillment services and 3PL from our sister company ShipWizard. Our goal is to give you the returns management services you need and to create a reverse logistics solution that works best for you—and your customers.
We charge by the package being returned. Since all Smart Returns reverse logistics services and solutions are customized, pricing will also be customized just for you, your needs and your budget.
Yes and yes! Your customers will be able to track their packages and returns on the FedEx or USPS websites. For your end, we will issue you a login to view the packages being returned on your account. Everything is fully visible and updated for your convenience.
The process works seamlessly within your and our system. To your customer, it will look just like the return is being sent back to your warehouse. Easy, simple and efficient!
The Smart Return integrated label is integrated into your packing slip. Your customer will be able to peel and stick the label directly on the return package. This option is fully trackable, and offers the highest level of efficiency and visibility for you and your customers.

The PRP (Package Returns Program) label is a preprinted return label that the customer can use to ship the package back to us and that is placed in the shipment. This returns management option does not offer integration—you can see there is a package coming back but you will not know who it is coming from.

Yes, we can certainly work together to coordinate and handle your returns management process. In fact, many non-U.S. companies use the Smart Returns service to address all of their U.S. returns and reverse logistics needs. We have processed returns for clients located in the UK and Germany, among other countries.
Yes, absolutely! We have a temperature-controlled warehouse. We also have security doors that can only be entered with a badge.
Yes, we do! We will inspect the items to your specifications for any damages. We can steam garments, repackage boxes, re-label items and more. We will create the best returns management program for your company’s needs.

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