Returns to Vendor Management

After we receive returned items sent back by your customers, our work at Smart Returns is not yet done.

With our Return to Vendor Management services, you can rest assured that your items will be properly repackaged and efficiently and cost-effectively shipped back to your warehouse or destination of your choosing. Our Smart Returns team will also evaluate which of your returned products can be restocked and resold, and will keep both you and your customer informed at each step of the way. These steps are all part of the best Returns Management services in the marketplace!

Managing A Returns Process That Works The Way You Do

By offering you and your team full visibility into reverse logistics and returns management, Smart Returns allows you to receive returns in a way that works best for the way you do business.

Never again will you need to worry where your returns are in the shipping cycle, when you will receive them and/or what condition they will be in. With Smart Returns Return to Vendor Management services, we are all on the same page from start to finish – no uncertainty, no wrong assumptions, no missed expectations.

Best of all, you and your team can focus on business and sales, and won’t need to worry about the minute, up-to-the-minute details on returns when you know that it’s all taken care of by your team of expert return specialists.

Returns to Vendor

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Wow! Working with the Smart Returns team has been a real eye-opener for us. Having the pros manage all aspects of our returns process has not only helped us internally, but it has also been a great relationship-builder for us and our customers. Thank you so much for this great service!
Clothing eRetailer, Clothing eRetailer
Before working with Smart Returns, our returns management was, to be honest, disorganized and inefficient. We offered returns, but we had no infrastructure in place to manage any of it properly. Now, we are so efficient and responsive when it comes to returns…and our customers have really taken notice of their new options.
Jewelry eStore, Jewelry eStore