Enjoy Easy, Efficient Returns Based On Customer ZIP Code

Your U.S. returns management and reverse logistics operations need to be efficient and cost-effective for you and your customers.

With this in mind, we have created a tool that allows for the generation of different shipping rates for returns based on ZIP code. Our proprietary software gives your returns management process a truly next-level capability that lets your customers know just how much you respect their time and their finances, too.

Here’s how it works: Once your customer initiates the returns process, the software will automatically trigger, in real-time, a customized shipping return label based on the ZIP code of the customer. The customer can then print out that customized shipping label, similar to a Smart Label, and get the package off with no delay.

Multiple Carriers, Always The Best Route

Whether the return is being sent FedEx Ground, USPS, FedEx SmartPost or another major carrier we work with, you can rest assured that your customers’ returns will be assigned to the routes that are both the fastest and the most cost-effective—a win-win for everyone!


Let’s say that you are in California and the return center where the customer’s return is headed is located in Florida. Perhaps it takes more than five days to arrive at that center using a less expensive shipping method. However, since we know where the original order was shipped and our software takes this information into account, it can trigger a three-day express return slip to accompany this order, allowing your return to arrive at the distribution center within three—not five—days.

National Returns Day
Supply Chain and reverse logistics

Good Returns Are Good Business

We know from experience and data that an efficient, customer-focused returns process is good business. And with this innovative new software, your U.S. customers’ returns reach the return warehouse in the most rapid and inexpensive manner available. What’s more, your call center or service representatives will receive less calls from customers asking when their return will arrive and when they will see their refund for that return.

Let’s Talk

We want to talk return labels with you! Let’s talk more about using Smart Returns to increase the efficiency and profitability of your returns management and reverse logistics processes.

Wow! Working with the Smart Returns team has been a real eye-opener for us. Having the pros manage all aspects of our returns process has not only helped us internally, but it has also been a great relationship-builder for us and our customers. Thank you so much for this great service!
Clothing eRetailer, Clothing eRetailer
Before working with Smart Returns, our returns management was, to be honest, disorganized and inefficient. We offered returns, but we had no infrastructure in place to manage any of it properly. Now, we are so efficient and responsive when it comes to returns…and our customers have really taken notice of their new options.
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