Beyond Free Return Shipping

Data is everywhere, and if your eCommerce company is paying attention, the information that you’re swimming in every day could be used to improve your returns management by eliminating many of the reasons that customers send their orders back. According to a recent article in Entrepreneur, 67 percent of all returns could have been prevented [...]

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Why Getting Returns Right Matters

It’s enough to make a retailer have a panic attack when you consider that over 30 percent of all products ordered online are returned, especially in sectors like fashion where descriptions and fit matter most. The return rate for similar brick and mortar stores is just 8.89 percent, according to an infographic published by Invesp. [...]

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Why You Need To Pay Attention To Returns

“What gets measured gets managed,” the axiom goes, so why is it that so many retailers and eCommerce companies are still ignoring their returns? A recent study by Peerless Research Group has revealed that 2017 was yet another year where reverse logistics went by the wayside for many eCommerce operations, even as returns increased across [...]

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4 Characteristics Of The Best Return Management Solutions

In today’s high-return online retail world, the question isn’t if, but when, you’ll have to choose a returns management solution. For some businesses, this will take the form of an in-house team that uses various tools to move your returns back to the warehouse quickly, for others it could be a returns management solution provided [...]

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The Connection Between Smartphones And Reverse Logistics

As smartphones and other connected devices become more and more a way of life for pretty much everyone, the question of what to do with them when a user upgrades or a phone breaks down has to be asked. More specifically, what happens to their data? Some retailers that accept upgrades demand that users wipe [...]

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Yes, Returns Management Can Be A Revenue Stream

Looking for a new way to bring in money for your eCommerce or retail store? Have you considered a returns management team? While it might seem counterintuitive, having a dedicated reverse logistics arm can actually open up new revenue streams and opportunities for income to trickle in from areas beyond your main retail operation. How [...]

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Why Reverse Logistics Matters So Much To Your Business

Reverse logistics shouldn't be a term that’s new to anyone in retail today, but it seems that there are still businesses that are hesitant to officially put a reverse logistics plan into play. It’s almost as if not doing it will somehow curb the crushing wave of returns that are a part of eCommerce in [...]

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3 Reasons Customer Returns Continue To Increase

Online shopping is like a freight train that can’t be stopped. For the last several years, it has showed consistent year-over-year growth in the double-digit percentages. The 2017 holiday season alone grossed over $119 billion, a 16.9 percent year-over-year increase, according to US Census data. Unfortunately, what goes up must also come down, and what’s [...]

What Is ‘The Circular Economy’ Of The Reverse Logistics’ World?

Green thinking is increasingly penetrating the business world, changing the way companies do everything, from using digital documents to recapturing gray water to irrigate the landscaping around the building. Make Money, Save the Planet, Everyone Wins One place where no one seemed to think to look for green practices was the world of reverse logistics. [...]

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3 Ways Good Returns Management Keeps You Focused On Customers

It’s amazing how far businesses will go to avoid returns, but the truth of the matter is that these days, they’re just another part of being a retailer. In fact, as much as 40 percent of merchandise purchased online will be returned, depending on your particular sector, so treating your returns management services as a [...]

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