Reverse Logistics And Your eCommerce Technology

eCommerce is an industry that’s booming, there’s absolutely no doubt. With more than $105 billion in actual sales during the second quarter of 2017, and a whopping 16.3 percent growth year over year during that same quarter, everything in eCommerce is coming up roses. But, just having an eCommerce presence isn’t enough to guarantee [...]

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Reverse Logistics, eCommerce And Your Online Store

Although eCommerce is growing at a rapid rate, with a forecasted sales value of $414 million for 2018, the returns rate of online products is frightful. At least 30 percent of all products ordered online are returned to eCommerce shops, as compared to just 8.89 percent that go back to brick and mortar shops. That’s [...]

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4 Ways Your eCommerce Retail Site Needs A Streamlined Returns Process

Having a streamlined returns process for your eCommerce retail site can benefit you in a number of ways, including improving customer retention and even creating strong customer engagement, which ultimately leads to return sales. A really good returns process backed by an excellent reverse logistics team can make a dramatic difference in your number of [...]

How Easy Is Your Easy Return Policy?

Customers everywhere want to know that they can return their purchases, should there be a problem. No one in retail is unaware of this fact, but it seems that giving those customers an easy returns process is still not a high priority for businesses in the retail sector. In fact, according to a recent survey [...]

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Why You Need A Sound Reverse Logistics Strategy

Reverse logistics is more than just taking a product back from a dissatisfied customer. In fact, what returns management can do for your company is monumental, from the moment an item leaves the warehouse, headed to its purchaser, until it comes back and is ultimately re-entered into the system somewhere. From each important part of [...]

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Is Your Return Policy As Consistent As It Could Be?

Although eCommerce sales numbers are ever-climbing, customers continue to report that there’s a lot left to be desired with the experience. According to an ongoing study by UPS, returns satisfaction is among the areas where online shoppers are least satisfied, even when considering brick-and-mortar stores with online shops. A mere 67 percent of shoppers reported [...]

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What Reverse Logistics Means To Retailers + e-Tailers

Customers rely on your reverse logistics team to have their returns processed efficiently so they can get a refund or exchange in time for a special event or birthday, but what those same returns management professionals mean to retailers and e-Tailers is something much greater. For both brick-and-mortar and eCommerce companies, the speed of reverse [...]

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