3 Ways Reverse Logistics Is Evolving To Meet Needs Of Customers, Market

Usually, when the word “logistics” comes up, people are talking about the forward, customer-facing side. This part of the supply chain gets a lot of attention for constantly innovating and finding new ways to increase both speed and efficiency. What fewer people, even business owners, pay attention to is reverse logistics, the processes by which [...]

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Yes, There Is Value In A Sound Customer Return Operation

Your customers are everything. Without them you’d have no one to sell your products to, but at the same time, they can cost you a bundle when it comes to returns management. Not only is the average online retailer now handling returns at a rate of about 12 percent, eCommerce shops that specialize in clothing [...]

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3 Ways To Evaluate Your Current Reverse Logistics Process

Your current reverse logistics process is going pretty well, isn’t it? If you can’t say one way or the other, it’s definitely time to re-evaluate how your returns management system is working. Whether you are or you work with service companies that are constantly replacing parts in the field or eCommerce merchants that experience the [...]

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Beyond Free Return Shipping

Data is everywhere, and if your eCommerce company is paying attention, the information that you’re swimming in every day could be used to improve your returns management by eliminating many of the reasons that customers send their orders back. According to a recent article in Entrepreneur, 67 percent of all returns could have been prevented [...]

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Does This Logistics Challenge Sound Familiar?

For eCommerce retailers in the fashion industry, returns have been a challenge for some time. With return rates as high as 30 to 40 percent in some cases, the entire sector has been searching for a better solution to a problem that threatens to bring them to their knees every day. Customers want free shipping [...]

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Why You Need To Pay Attention To Returns

“What gets measured gets managed,” the axiom goes, so why is it that so many retailers and eCommerce companies are still ignoring their returns? A recent study by Peerless Research Group has revealed that 2017 was yet another year where reverse logistics went by the wayside for many eCommerce operations, even as returns increased across [...]

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The Connection Between Smartphones And Reverse Logistics

As smartphones and other connected devices become more and more a way of life for pretty much everyone, the question of what to do with them when a user upgrades or a phone breaks down has to be asked. More specifically, what happens to their data? Some retailers that accept upgrades demand that users wipe [...]

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3 Benefits To Automating Your Returns Process

When many people hear the word “automation,” they immediately imagine a future where robots are taking over all the good jobs. While the near future of reverse logistics may include a few robots and a little rearrangement in the hierarchy in the supply chain, there are certainly more benefits than drawbacks to automating your returns [...]

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Why Reverse Logistics Matters So Much To Your Business

Reverse logistics shouldn't be a term that’s new to anyone in retail today, but it seems that there are still businesses that are hesitant to officially put a reverse logistics plan into play. It’s almost as if not doing it will somehow curb the crushing wave of returns that are a part of eCommerce in [...]

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3 Reasons Customer Returns Continue To Increase

Online shopping is like a freight train that can’t be stopped. For the last several years, it has showed consistent year-over-year growth in the double-digit percentages. The 2017 holiday season alone grossed over $119 billion, a 16.9 percent year-over-year increase, according to US Census data. Unfortunately, what goes up must also come down, and what’s [...]