Good Returns Management Is Good Business

Perhaps you are just now realizing that your returns management offerings are not really keeping up with the rest of your success, causing some major ill will between shoppers and your brand. What’s a small business owner to do? Well, good returns management is just good business. Time to look into a reverse logistics team! [...]

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How Better Returns Lead To Increased Productivity

Anyone who has spent any amount of time dealing with eCommerce can tell you, running an online shop or bricks-and-clicks operation means becoming proficient in handling returns. Reverse logistics has to be a high priority, especially when you consider that as much as 30 percent of what’s ordered from eCommerce vendors is returned. This is [...]

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3 Trends In Streamlining The Returns Process

Selling anything online has become a careful balancing act between moving enough inventory to make a meaningful profit and not getting bogged down with too many returns to justify the effort you’re putting forth. Because returns can reach 30 percent in some eCommerce retail sectors, it’s vital that your returns process is as streamlined as [...]

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How To Have A Clear, Effective Reverse Logistics Policy

Is your reverse logistics policy as clear and effective as it could be? Do your employees understand exactly what to do with products when they show up damaged or in the entirely wrong packaging? It’s vital to have a clear, effective reverse logistics policy in place if you’re going to handle your own returns management. [...]

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Why Good Returns Mean Good Sales

Returns are prickly points for many eCommerce retailers. They fear that too many returns will mean a significant loss in profit or an increase exposure to fraudulent returns, but the truth is that good returns are simply good business. Although you’ll probably need a returns management team to help you sort through the returns process, [...]

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Is Your Return Policy As Consistent As It Could Be?

Although eCommerce sales numbers are ever-climbing, customers continue to report that there’s a lot left to be desired with the experience. According to an ongoing study by UPS, returns satisfaction is among the areas where online shoppers are least satisfied, even when considering brick-and-mortar stores with online shops. A mere 67 percent of shoppers reported [...]

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