Our Team

At the heart of our Smart Returns returns management and reverse logistics team, you will find people who know returns from start to finish, inside and out, up and down and who, more importantly, care about giving you and your customers the most efficient, streamlined and simple way possible to manage your returns process at every step of the way.

Michael Shooster
Michael ShoosterCEO
Michael manages multiple key aspects of sister companies Answering Service Care, Global Response Fulfillment, 777 Properties and Smart Returns. Michael is a lifelong entrepreneur, a teacher and a mentor to many, and is always looking for solutions that are better, more efficient and customer-focused. Michael continues to lead the way in all aspects of our businesses, breaking ground and innovating in sales, finance, operations, technology, real estate and more.
Jackie Crumpler
Jackie CrumplerBusiness Development & Sales
Jackie is a true veteran of all-things-purchasing, logistics and fulfillment. She has expertise in managing purchasing, importing, vendor compliance and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). She is a brand champion, a team player and a problem-solver. In her never-ending quest for continued education, she is always learning more and, in turn, passing it on to her clients and team members. In her free time, Jackie reads, quilts and enjoys travel.
Alycia DaceAccount Manager
Paula OsorioAccount Manager
Naya BodanAccount Manager
Yasma MitchelWarehouse Manager

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