Are People Still Shopping In Physical Stores?

In this eCommerce age, it can be easy to fall into the thought trap that traditional retail is dying a slow death. The fact is that many retailers are still feeling their way into new niches and configurations that will serve them well in the decades to come. Not only is it important for retailers [...]

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Why Reverse Logistics Matters So Much To Your Business

Reverse logistics shouldn't be a term that’s new to anyone in retail today, but it seems that there are still businesses that are hesitant to officially put a reverse logistics plan into play. It’s almost as if not doing it will somehow curb the crushing wave of returns that are a part of eCommerce in [...]

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The Connection Between Customers’ Behavior And Your Packaging

The nutritional label changes that manufacturers are required to make by July 26, 2018, have given many companies a chance to rethink how they’re dealing with their labels beyond packaged foods. If you sell anything that requires informational labeling, it may be high time to consider something a little bit different: How about a SmartLabel™? [...]

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Use Real-Time Information To Increase Efficiency, Grow Your Business

Did you know your business could be more efficient and grow faster? Of course it could! There’s always room for improvement, especially if you’re not using real-time data to track your supply chain or handle your inventory management. Data can help you tighten up any aspect of your company, from order management to reverse logistics, [...]

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How Customer Returns Can Lead To Greater Profits

It may seem pretty counterintuitive to proclaim that customer returns can actually be fairly profitable for your business, but the truth is that if they’re handled well by your returns management team, it can be true. Not only do good experiences with returns help improve customer retention, which opens all kinds of doors, field research [...]

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4 Ways Your eCommerce Retail Site Needs A Streamlined Returns Process

Having a streamlined returns process for your eCommerce retail site can benefit you in a number of ways, including improving customer retention and even creating strong customer engagement, which ultimately leads to return sales. A really good returns process backed by an excellent reverse logistics team can make a dramatic difference in your number of [...]

How Easy Is Your Easy Return Policy?

Customers everywhere want to know that they can return their purchases, should there be a problem. No one in retail is unaware of this fact, but it seems that giving those customers an easy returns process is still not a high priority for businesses in the retail sector. In fact, according to a recent survey [...]

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The Growing Importance Of Reverse Logistics For Your Business

Throughout the fourth quarter of 2016 (and this most recent holiday season), eCommerce became a $102.7 billion sector, proving once and for all that it’s an industry that’s here to stay. With the maturation of virtual retail comes the need for more help from related industries like reverse logistics, which is an area that’s growing [...]

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Reverse Logistics Mistakes Can Cost You Money

Returns have been an inconvenience for retailers long before we could all buy whatever our heart desired on the Internet. But today, they’re high stakes, with about a 30 percent return rate overall for eCommerce and an even higher 40 percent for returns to eCommerce clothing retailers. That’s serious money for eCommerce retailers of all [...]

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Reverse Logistics & Your Customer Service

For many companies like yours, the very first item that should be on your “to do” list is adding a dedicated reverse logistics team. Whether that team comes from within your organization or you find extra help from a company that specializes in returns management, the results can spell huge leaps for your customer service. [...]